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Exciting News!!!!

(NOTE: Click on the photo of the book - it will take you to my entire blog and website)

I am so honored and delighted to announce to my family and friends that I have authored and published a book entitled "From The Bench." *It is now available in hardcover

(I suggest this option), paper back or ebook from:

- Amazon:

- Barnes & Noble:

Here is a brief introduction to the book......

Are you the type of person who is captivated by photographs? After all, a photograph is a memory taken by one's heart. "From The Bench" is just of benches accompanied by prose that invites inspiration from the heart as well as a chance to ponder and pen. I find much comfort and joy in spending time on a bench; may this book bring you that same sense of well being.

*It will also be available from 30,000 libraries and 40,000 retail bookshops such as Apple's iBooks Store, Booktopia, Google Play, Baker and Taylor, etc. just to name a few.

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